Learning with Postcards: Algeria

السلام عليكم


Postcards from Algeria here! Labib sent these postcards to me. Algeria is a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast. Its capital and most populous city is Algiers. Population of Algeria is more than 39,5 million. Its official language is Arabic, but French is also common in this country because it was a France’s colonial. Currency of Algeria is Algerian dinar, and Algeria is classified as an upper middle income country by the World Bank. Anyway, on the first postcard, you’ll see a view of Algerian bazaar. Shopping at a bazaar is quite popular here like other Arabic countries. Algeria seems a quite interesting country when you compare it to an European country. This postcards gives many clues about Arabic culture. You can notice that buildings aren’t high and have own style.


On the second postcard, you’ll see a woman preparing handmade bread in the traditional oven. This kind of oven is also used in Anatolia, i saw it in my country.

Besides, the clothes of this woman can seem interesting if you’re from Europe. You can see these kind of clothes in other Arabic countries,too. Labib mentioned that the bread is really delicious with olive oil. Hope to try it one day! I love bread :’)

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