Hello everybody!

I’m Selim from Istanbul. I’m a postcard collector. I’m collecting postcards for 4 months. I have many postcards from different countries.

In this blog, i would like to show my postcard collections to you!

Why am i collecting postcards?

Since i started collecting postcards, many people have asked this question. It is not easy to answer this question for me, because there are many reasons. First of all, i love postcards so much. When i  get a postcard from someone, i feel excited and happy. Furthermore, collecting postcards has many benefits. You can meet many people from different counties. Thanks to postcards, i have friends from Ukraine, Ireland, China, Netherlands, Russia, Finland, Belarus, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, U.S.A even from Gibraltar! This is really awesome! Beside, I’m learning new culture, language and many things from them.

In my opinion collecting postcards is one of the best hobbies. It’s also easy hobby, send a postcard and get a postcard! You can start this hobby,too.

Twitter: @selimozgun

Instagram: @selimozgun

Facebook: selimozgunn

Mail: selimozgun@me.com


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