Learning with postcards: Argentina


South America always seem interesting and nice to me. Going any countries there is one of my dream. Brazil, Peru or Argentina? I need just much money for this trip! Anyway on this post, I’ll write about Argentina. I’ve got two beautiful postcards from there. My first expression was ”OMG from Argentina”. This country is really far away from my country, Turkey and it took about 2 months to get them. Such a long time, isn’t it?


Both of postcards show places in capital of Argentina Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is the largest city of Argentina and second-largest metropolitan area in South America. The population of it is more than 13 million.  On the first postcard you’ll see 7 different churches’ dome. The one on the top and right is inspired from Antoni Gaudí, and in the top of that dome it’s written that ”There are no impossible dreams.”

On the second postcard you’ll see many different photos from Buenos Aires. You can see Tango figures on it. Tango is natural border between Argentina and Uruguay. This is traditional for both of these countries. One day, I’ll go there and see these great places in real. Hope to do it soon! :’)

To see the postcard in more details, click here!


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