Learning with Postcards: Albania

Ç’kemi! Flag_of_Albania.svg

As you know, I have been collecting postcards from different countries for almost 2 years. After getting many postcards, i created this blog and now that i decided to share these postcards in a different way. Postcards are really informative and i learn new things when i get a postcard every time. Now I’ll share it with you!


These postcards were sent by Eleni from Albania. Albania is a small country in Southeastern Europe. It’s population 3 million. Its capital and biggest city is Tirina. Both of these postcards show a view from Tirina. To see postcards in more detail, click here!

Here the stamp Eleni used to send these postcards:


You can see ”Vallet shqiptare” traditional Albanian dance.  This dance is mostly played by women, and it has different styles. Besides you can see Shqipëria word on the stamp and it means Albania in Albanian. Finally, you may notice Lekë (Lek) is currency of Albania.

If you want to learn more about Albania, click here!


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